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Angle Board
Safe Pack  is a leader in supplying the protective Packaging material.
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Safe Pack  undertake complete packaging solutions at customer’s place
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Products -> Paper Roll Protection

Paper roll protectors:
Angle board inner diameter (I.D.) and outer diameter (O.D.) protectors protect roll edges, damage cased by overhead handling equipment, hooks, truck chains and cable tie downs.

I.D. and O.D. Protectors:
Angle board I.D / O.D. protectors are constructed with preformed right angles that are notched and scored to readily conform to the inner / outer circumference of paper rolls. Both I.D. and O.D. protectors are available in standard and custom gauge and lengths.

I.D. and O.D. Protector Benefits:
• Prevents damage from material handling equipment
• Prevents edge damage from strapping

Products in roll form in any industry like Steel, Aluminum , Paper , PVC, Jute and many more.

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