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Angle Board
Safe Pack  is a leader in supplying the protective Packaging material.
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Product Packing
Safe Pack  undertake complete packaging solutions at customer’s place
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Edge Protector Benefits:
• Increased strap tension transmission around load corners.
• Distributes strap tension over a large surface area to prevent load damage.

Edge board is an excellent product because of its flexibility in packaging. It’s cheap, recyclable, easy to use yet strong.

* The raw materials used in edge board production are all of high quality and enable us to produce strong products
* Suitable for food packaging and can be sent all over the world without any need of extra treatment, such as the fumigation required for wooden materials.
* By using different materials, Safe Pack can find the right quality for all conditions, be it Bio, Heat-sealed or aqua safe.

* As we ourselves recycle 99% of our production waste, recycling is close to our heart.
* We want to help our customers achieve the same levels of recycling and that’s why all our products are 100% recyclable.

Safe Pack edge board gives your product effective protection in warehousing and transportation and considerably improves packaging strength.

Strengthening Packaging Units
The strength of single packages can be improved by reinforcing boxes internally with edge boards. Example: delicate/fragile components, electronics

Vertical Protection
Edge boards stabilize the pallets and provide protection during transport and warehousing. Example of end-user: agricultural industry (fruits etc.)

Protection Of Edges
Edge boards protect and support products during all handling operations. Example of end-user: aluminum, steel, glass- and board industry

Stacking Strength
Choosing the right edge boards for strengthening pallet units will enable you to optimize space by double stacking.

Edge Protectors
Protect products against strapping damage. Example of end-user: Glass, Steel, Aluminum and sawmill

Edge board can be delivered either in Bio or Heat-sealed quality. A variety of surfaces are available such as bio (brown), White, color or Aluminum

Cold Lamination (BIO)
Laminated with water-soluble glue under high pressure. The selected raw materials are all of high quality and 100% recyclable.

Heat-Sealing (HS)
An excellent protection against moisture and dampness. Made of high quality carton board, which is hot laminated at high pressure to form a profile element that offers superb stability even when there are major fluctuations in moisture levels. Environment friendly and recyclable.

* Self-adhesive Add & Stick edge boards.
* Wrap-around edge boards for round objects.
* Edge boards with soft foam.
PRINTING Company names, logos and advertisements can easily be printed during the manufacturing process.

Other Products
Safe Pack can offer a complete system to solve your packaging problems. Edge boards, U-profiles, flat boards, carton board pallets, Pall Runs and Solid slip sheets in combination with stretch film, plastic strapping or steel strapping guarantee that you will find an optimal solution for every product. In this way Safe Pack has profiled its concept, which our partners and we would like to share with all Customers. A carton board pallet made of Pall Runners, flat board and edge boards. An edge board give protection against truck forks and ensures that goods always arrive at their destination undamaged.

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