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Angle Board
Safe Pack  is a leader in supplying the protective Packaging material.
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Product Packing
Safe Pack  undertake complete packaging solutions at customer’s place
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Safe Pack Angle Board: is a leader in supplying the protective Packing material. Their products include everything to help protect the edges or corners of a customer's product, enhance stacking strength of palletized loads and increase load integrity for warehousing or shipping of goods.

Angle board
Angle board is manufactured with multiple layers of paperboard, laminated with glue and formed into a rigid right angle, providing exceptional strength for load stability and pack aging protection. Manufactured on a made-to-order basis, Angle board is available in a variety of lengths, leg sizes and thicknesses.

Edge board
Edge boards are multi-layer profile made of recycled cardboards glued and pressed together, finally wrapped with a paper or aluminum. They have an excellent resistance to pressure and shocks and they fully recyclable.

Standard paper- Edge boards Hydro -R Paper- Polyethylene Specially designed for use in humid or freezing environments Maximum Length - 6000 mm Asymmetrical sizes are also available

Leg length (A&B) mm Thickness CD (T) mm Product Length mm (L)
Equal leg Length
25 x 25 2.00 to 6.00 As per Customers Requirement
35 x 35
40 x 40
50 x 50
65 x 65
75 x 75
100 x 100
Equal U-leg length
Any Combination
Total leg lengths
up to 200 mm uiz.
40 x 60 2.00 to 6.00
50 x 80
75 x 100
75 x 125

L and U Notched Profiles
Specially designed for curved applications (smallest radius 300 mm). Available in all sizes up to 4mm thickness. They offer load security and stability for transport.

Printed Profiles:
Edge boards can be printed inside or outside, personalizing the product or giving special handling instructions.

Angle board Applications:
Every time your product is handled, it's at risk of incurring damage. Angle board, used in conjunction with strapping or stretch film, helps create a tight, secure shipping cube to contain your load and prevent damage from shifting during shipping and handling.

Angle board Benefits:
• More product can be packaged per pallet, reducing handling and shipping costs
• Load damage is minimized, improving customer satisfaction
• Load unitization reduces pilferage

Stacking Strength:
Angle board vertically reinforces loads, enabling them to be stacked higher for maximum utilization of your warehouse space.

Angle board Benefits:
• Loads can be stacked higher, maximizing warehouse space
• Reduces product damage from crushing in stacking situations

Strap Protection:
Strapping, applied at maximum tension, improves load stability but subjects but subjects the load to possible crushing at its corners. Angle board provides a buffer between the load and strapping to permit high tension without damage.

Angle board Benefits:
• Facilitates higher applied tension for superior load stability
• Reduces indentation caused by strapping

Edge Protection:
Packaging components must be tough enough to protect your products from damage caused by material handling equipment and the shipping environment. Angle board is a sturdy package component that helps absorb impacts at all load corners, including the vertical corners which are more susceptible to damage during transport; the top edges that can be crushed by strapping and loads stacked on the top; and the bottom edges that can get banged up by fork truck tines.

Angle board Benefits:
• Reduces product damage incurred during shipping, handling and storage
• Improves profits by reducing customer rejection rates

Angle board, Angle Wrap, Corner board, Edge Protectors and I.D./O.D. Protectors can be printed with your company name, logo, handling instructions or a special message. You can increase product visibility and name recognition with one or two color printing.

Benefits of Printing:
• Product identification
• Corporate identification
• Low cost advertising
• Improved package and product image

Angle Wrap Exceptional Strength:
Features a layer of paper that completely covers the surface of standard Angle board, allowing our customers the opportunity to offer a superior selection of corner protection... the next Generation of Angle board

Excellent Appearance:
Angle Wrap’s paper covering smooths over rough edges to prevent paper cuts and create better looking point-of-purchase displays. Add your company logo or a special message with one or two-color custom printing.

Angle Wrap Benefits:
• Reduced packaging costs
• Improved load appearance for point-of-purchase displays
• Elimination of paper cuts

Corner board- Weather Resistant:
Made of recycled paper and plastic, Corner board resists moisture and sea air, making it ideal for overseas shipments and wet climates. Corner board prevents load damage from changing caused by the constant rocking motion of ocean shipments, allowing loads to arrive at their destinations safely and intact. Corner board distributes strap tension over a wider surface area, enabling strapping to be tensioned higher without damaging the load. Available in standard and custom lengths.

Corner board Benefits:
• Withstands moisture to protect products in adverse conditions
• Sturdy construction enables corner board to be reused
• Readily accepts nails, staples and screws

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